Difference Between Mozart And Beethoven Essay


This is a very broad subject you could devote at least an entire semester to. Books have been written on the subject! The point of this article is not to suggest that one composer is better than the other, but rather to compare the differences in their music.


One important fact is that Beethoven came after Mozart. This means that the foundation of his music was built upon the music of Mozart and composers before him.


Both composers used the Sonata Allegro form which was widely employed during the Classical period. I have a separate video that explains the Sonata form if you are interested in a more in-depth explanation.


In the video I use the Mozart Sonata K330 in C-major and the Beethoven Sonata Opus 14 Number 2 in G major. I’m picking an earlier work of Beethoven to highlight the differences between the two composers. Although Beethoven’s later work strayed even further from Mozart. Still, this earlier work is a great choice to highlight both the similarities and the differences.


You will notice right away that even though these composers were working within the same sonata form, the music is very different. They each have their own distinct personalities and this comes through very prominently in their music.


The first thing that comes to mind with the K330 is the roundness of the phrasing and the perfection of the structure. If you changed even one note the piece would sound completely off.


Beethoven has a much more fiery personality. Whereas Mozart’s music is clean and precise, Beethoven employs many surprises in his music. Many times he will build up the music as if it’s leading to something only to suddenly get soft – his trademark use of subito piano. This is a common theme to his music and keeps the listener engaged in the music.


In Beethoven’s later sonatas he developed the form further as the technology of the piano improved. The development sections are massive and even in his earlier sonatas they would go much further than in a Mozart sonata. This is just one of many differences between these two iconic composers.


We will be bringing you another part in this series very soon where we will discuss more similarities and differences between Beethoven and Mozart.


If you have any questions or observations please send them to me Robert@LivingPianos.com (949) 244-3729 Thank you!

Comparing Mozart And Beethoven Essay

The two well-known composers of classical style of music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. The both of these men were very influential figures in there time and even now within the classical music community and still have work that they composed that is held to the highest standard even to this day. The both of these very much passive listeners where similar in many ways in their style and how they composed. But with this being seen you would automatically assume that there musical personality would also be the same with what came out of the genius of the both of them but it was complete opposite, but most think that if they were within the same ime frames of composing they might have been the same.
Beethoven known for pushing the limits and boundaries of classical music was considered a very big influence within the Classical era of music with him also being within the transition of the Romantic era of music as well which shows the genius that came out of this composer who developed his own style. On the other hand there was Mozart who was the best pound for pound composer of the Classical era having the most success at the time and in many ways of all time.
The two musical prodigies were own opposite spectrums when it came to the era in which the came to greatness. With Beethoven being born into this world when Mozart first began composing with his early success in many ways the things that Mozart composed were a since of direction for Beethoven as he grew into a prominent composers. But really the first teachers of these ingenious composers were there fathers having both of this composers coming from musical families. Mozart having a composer as a father and in many ways very much skilled musician as his teacher had a very considerable future in music. Being influenced not only by his father but by other musicians like Johann Cristian Bach, which in ways really became one of his teacher for quiet some time. On the other hand Beethoven’s first teacher his father a very skilled vocalist, pianist, and violinist. With skills in many different instruments of music it has ben told that he was very srict with his musical teachings with Beethoven. Making Beethoven an obvious talent at a very young age making him known at a younger age and getting many different perspectives of music by other musical teachers.

Beethoven's rise to fame came after his studies with Joseph Haydn in Vienna in the early 1790s. Haydn had great musical influence on Beethoven, leading to a major departure from Beethoven's early works. Newly created compositions at this time showcased his growing range, intricacy, and advancement. Instead of trying to establish himself as a composer, Beethoven focused on his studies and musicality. He worked under Haydn for 4 years and continued studying in Vienna under the direction of several other instructors and composers.


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