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Organizational change management is the structured approach in the transitioning of teams, organizations and individuals from the prevailing state to the desired future state (Duck,2003). Change management is the process of implementing a pre-defined model/framework (sometimes with modifications) in an organization (Wardale, 2008). Changes in marketplace, intechnology, workforce demographics, social values, and political environments have beenencapsulated to have significant effects on the organization’s products, processes and servicesrendered (Chandler, 2004). It has often been imagined that the conclusion of these forces haveled to an external environment that is devastating and often unpredictable to those firms whichare unable or unprepared to respond. This leads us to our research question “Is changemanagement an option or a compulsion in organizations?” To arrive at the conclusion to thisquestion, this dissertation seeks to critically evaluate whether organizations have a choice whenit comes to change management.The dissertation aims to carry out a primary research entailing

Management ChangeQuestionnaires

(MCQ) on some of the major corporations which have been known to implementchange management models or specific aspects of it, and those which have not including Tesco,Spar, Londis and Starbucks. Thus following objectives will be pursued in the conduct of thedissertation:

Change management is a generic term used to define change- and as such has wide-ranging and broad scoped impacts. There are a few change management dissertation topics that are coming up frequently based on an analysis of the most frequently evaluated change management topics. The following is a compilation of dissertation topics in change management to help you get a few ideas about the possibilities that you have when writing a paper on change management.

A list of Change management dissertation topics:

The following suggested Change management research topics can help you think what to write on:

An academic perspective of change management- what is it and how it is managed?

Business sustainability through change management- review of literature.

A systematic review of tools and techniques to analyse and manage change.

Change management best practices in the IT sector- review of Google.

Barriers to and challenges of change management- review of literature.

The application of data modeling for initiating change in manufacturing industries- a review.

Change management in times of financial stress- how can businesses reinvent themselves?.

Organizational change management for sustainable eco-friendly practices- a review.

A review of change management attitudes in the UK health care sector.

Change management in the public sector- perspectives from the UK.

How can emerging economies conceptualize travel and tourism through change management?

A discussion on human factors that resist change and solutions to overcome these for change adoption and management.

Organizational change appraisals- a review.

The antecedents of change management for operational excellence- a review of the UK service sector.

Technological tools for seamless management of change in family owned businesses- answers from the UK.

What drives change? An evaluative assessment of knowledge forms for change management.

A comparative review of management of changes in consumption patterns of natural resources between developed and emerging economies- implications for the future.

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