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Stereotypes About People With Disabilities Essay examples

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Disabled people are often stereotyped. A stereotype is an over simplified mental picture of a person or group. Stereotypes of disabled people are things such as; they should be pitied; they are receivers of charity; they are brave; 'super crip' or even aggressive and angry, an example of these stereotypes are put to use in Forrest Gump. It shows Lieutenant Dan as being bitter and having a chip on his shoulder; it also shows Forrest Gump as being like a super crip an extraordinary person who does marvelous things without meaning too. Stereotypes probably originate from feelings like fear; superiority; repulsion and pity. These feelings are likely to have been given through primary and secondary…show more content…

The camera also gives this effect when it pans around her.

You also have to consider the way the subjects are arranged in the frame, this is called the mise en scene. In the multiple sclerosis advert you see a large abandoned room which looks like it was once very grand almost Victorian with large decorative pillars, there is a lady sitting on something which is not visible because it is draped in material, she looks like she is modeling. She is naked but covered by the material. The picture is shown in black and white. The effect this has is that it seems like it's in a horror movie, its dramatic and it gives a sense of fear, enforcing the feeling that provoke stereotypes.

Different moods can be created with lighting. In the advert the lighting comes in from the left creating shadows adding to the horror movie effect. .

Finally there is audio (sound). This includes dialogue, music and sound effects. This also changes moods. the advert uses both dialogue and sound effects, the voice over is deep and serious , the wording involves the audience drawing your attention, it uses shocking words which are also linked to image provoking guilt and fear, word such as 'tearing apart' and ' it strikes at random' . Snapping and crackling sounds are heard which emphasize the pain the women is feeling there is also storm noises like wind adding to the dark atmosphere.

The advert

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