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The intention teenagers are given a curfew of a certain time limit in different states is to limit gang violence and use curfew as a key tool to do so. (Wagner, Matt 2). Curfew is a way to control the teens that have diminutive self control along with little or no parental control. (Hall, Maggie 2). Various amounts of teenagers cannot be confidential to act with such autonomy and accountability. (Love, Dennis 2).
Having a curfew indicates who the teenager is and what they do. (Love, Dennis 2). To give other teenagers a sense of where they live or reside and to show how much character they have, teens stay out longer and later to give other teens that sense of doing what they desire. (Love, Dennis 2). Admitting that their parents have…show more content…

(Love, Dennis 2). Before the curfew starts however, the curfew is not going to stop teens from mobbing and running the streets at night because they are not going to go home as soon as the excitement commences. (Hall, Maggie 2).
Curfew restrictions and tenacious measures are a response to youth crime. Towns and cities took the action of having school uniforms and laws that hold parents responsible for their children. For teens that repeat their offenses and crimes parents are sent to jail. (Love, Dennis 2). By keeping teenage people off the streets late at night, parents say the curfew will sojourn the teens from becoming young victims of crime. (Jennifer Morrison 1). Curfew laws prohibit youth from being in public places during much of the night and day. Having curfews in place helps keep teens out of late-night situations that can get them in trouble. In most curfew areas parents who knowingly permit their youngsters to be out after hours face a $1,000 dollar fine and six months in jail. (Hall, Maggie 2). By having parents enforce the curfew gives the parents a chance to teach their children good morals and what they know is best for them, is the reason why parents provide their children with curfews. (Frankowski, Michael 2). Many parents believe in the curfew

Teenage Curfew Essay

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Having a teenage curfew is ineffective and useless. Many people argue that the curfews are necessary because it will keep young people out of trouble. They also say that teenagers are more likely to get in trouble late than they would during daylight. Teens are looked at as the age group that causes the most trouble, and society targets them when it comes to matter for crime, however many people believe that teens are responsible for a large percentage of crimes and that having a curfew in effect will help lower crime rates. I disagree with this because I don't think teenagers should be forced to follow a ridged time schedule because of a curfew. Juvenile crime is a major problem in today's society, nevertheless it's one of the most…show more content…

Teen curfews discriminate against young minorities and violate the rights of minors, also I think that teen curfews confine all young teens based on actions of a small percentage of our population. Curfews are often needed to prevent teens from getting into trouble late at night and many people argue if parents should be held responsible for this. I understand many parents set up rules and other restrictions for their teens to follow, but I don't think parents should take the liability on what their child is doing. These rules are usually given in addition to control, protect, and teach their teen in order for them to know what's right from wrong. In other states, parents are held responsible for their child's actions. If they let their children out past midnight, they could be fined up to $75 for the first offense. The only way minors could stay out after midnight is if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian over twenty one years old. Many public places such as the mall have banned children from hanging out after a certain time and I think the problem with this is where will it send the children.? If they can't go to the mall to "hangout" they are going to end up in a abounded place or basement somewhere drinking because there is nothing else to do. Although, other people view

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