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Classroom Teacher Program Graduate-Level Course


In partnership with Framingham State University, Open Circle offers a 3-credit graduate-level course* 77714: Strategies for Developing Social Competency Skills in Elementary Age School Children. We invite all grade-level teachers currently participating in the Classroom Teacher Program to take advantage of this opportunity. This course will help deepen your thinking about social, emotional and academic learning through various written assignments concurrent with Open Circle training, coaching and implementation. The course provides an opportunity to reflect on and analyze your experience with Open Circle.

Course Format

This is an online course accessed through Google Classroom. Once registered, you will receive an email with information about how to log in to your Google Classroom account. Your account will enable you to view the syllabus, assignments, and reference materials. Google Classroom is also where you will turn in your completed assignments, receive comments, and view individual assignment grades. We will email you notification of your final grade.

Who Can Attend

Current year Classroom Teacher Program participants


  • Participation in all Classroom Teacher Program components (in-person and online training)
  • Implementation of the Open Circle Curriculum
  • Completion of six written assignments - see Assignments below for more information

Key Dates

 November 15 Registration deadline
 January 15 Assignments 1, 2, and 3 due
 April 15 Assignments 4, 5 and 6 due
 May 1 Online component of the Classroom Teacher Program training completed
 May 30 Open Circle emails you your final grade
 June 1 Framingham State University posts transcripts**

**Access a free, unofficial transcript through myFramingham, or request a $3 official transcript from Framingham State University


Below are brief descriptions of the assignments for this course. More information will be provided in the Google Classroom course site upon registration.

  • Assignment 1 - Connecting a Reading to Open Circle's SEL Approach: Choose a book to read from the bibliography and write a paper comparing and contrasting the main ideas from the reading to what you are learning about Open Circle's approach to developing social and emotional skills and creating a respectful classroom community.
  • Assignment 2 - Open Circle Meeting Video Reflection and Analysis: Video one Open Circle Meeting with your students and complete a reflection worksheet. Write a paper that addresses how you create a safe setting for students, ways you engage students and how your awareness may have changed regarding your dimensions of difference and similarity and any impact it may have had on your facilitation of Open Circle Meetings.
  • Assignment 3 - Increasing Students’ Use of an Open Circle Skill: Select an Open Circle skill from a lesson you have facilitated that you would like to see your students practicing and using more regularly outside of Open Circle Meetings. Write a paper describing
    actions you have either taken, currently are doing or plan to do to support your students’ ability to apply this skill in the classroom or other areas of the school.
  • Assignment 4 - Reading Analysis & Reflection Paper: After reading, “Culturally Responsive Teaching & The Brain: Promoting Authentic Engagement and Rigor Among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students” by Zaretta Hammond, write a reflection paper addressing what the reading confirmed for you based on your current knowledge, new learning you acquired and how your learning will strengthen your cultural responsiveness in your teaching practice.
  • Assignment 5 - Unit Reflection Tool Analysis: Complete one Teacher Reflection Tool found at the end of one of the units in the curriculum. Based upon your assessment of students’ use of the skills taught in that unit, write a reflection paper addressing what has contributed to students’ use of skills identified as being used more often and less often, and create a plan for student practice of a skill to increase its use.
  • Assignment 6 - Final Paper: Create a new Open Circle lesson following the typical lesson structure in the curriculum, or write a paper applying the Crucial Cs theory to a student in your class whose behavior is concerning or challenging in some way.

Current participants: View our Google Classroom Guide


$460 per person, payable by check

Tuition Reimbursement and Graduate Credits

Check with your school regarding their policies for tuition reimbursement. The course fee of $460 is comprised of $235 retained by Open Circle and $225 transferred to FSU. If you are enrolling in this course to apply credits toward a degree program, check with your academic institution regarding acceptance of these course credits toward your program of study.


Print, complete and mail this form to Open Circle: Classroom Teacher Program Graduate-Level Course (PDF) 


Contact Open Circle with questions about course requirements, assignments, or Google Classroom.
Contact Framingham State University Registrar’s Office at (508) 626-4034 with questions about transcripts, credits or final grades.


Assignments are activities that Instructors or Superadmins ask learners to complete by uploading or linking a video or a file. Once users have added their assignments into the courses in their Docebo platforms, Superadmins or Instructors are able to evaluate the assignments and provide feedback.

How to Create an Assignment Learning Object

 Access the Admin Menu by scrolling your mouse over the gears icon in the left sidebar. Then, in the E-Learning section, select the Courses item. Select a previously created course from the list of courses on the Main Courses page. Make sure you are subscribed to the course as a Superadmin or Instructor.

Press the menu icon in the course’s row, then select Training Material from the dropdown menu.

Once you’re on the Training Materials page, select the Add Training Material button, then select Assignment from the dropdown menu.

On the next page, add a title and a description into the corresponding text boxes. You should use the description to outline the guidelines of the assignment to your learners. Below the description box, flag whether users can upload multiple files for their assignment.

Then, in the Learner Policy section, flag how your learners can proceed with the course. If you flag the first option, learners must wait until the Instructor or the Superadmin evaluates the assignment with a passing score before they can continue onto other training materials. If you flag the second option, learners will have access to the rest of the course or training materials by simply submitting the assignment, without waiting for the evaluation of the assignment.

Now, you can move to Additional Info tab, where you can add a short description of the learning object, and upload or choose a pre-selected thumbnail.

When you’re finished, press Save Changes.

Now the learners will be able to upload their assignments. Assignment file types that can uploaded in the LMS are: PowerPoint presentations (PPT and PPTX), Zip File or Archive, Generic File, PDF, Image (JPG), Word Documents, Text Documents, Excel Files, CSV, Calc, Generic Video Files, YouTube Videos (including shortened YouTube links), Vimeo Videos, Wistia Videos, and Audio Files.

Let’s take a look at how learners can upload assignments into their Docebo platforms.

How Can Learners Upload Assignments into their Platforms?

In order for learners to upload their assignments into their Docebo platforms after you’ve created the learning object in the course, they need to access that specific learning object in the course. They will see the title of the Assignment with the instructions from the Superadmin or Instructor underneath.

In the Documents Upload section, the learner needs to press the Upload button or paste the link of the assignment into the corresponding text box. Please note that the maximum size per file for an assignment is 400MB.

Then, he or she must fill in the name text box with his or her name and add a description in the corresponding text box.

In the box on the right side of the page, users will be able to see assignments that they’ve previously uploaded into their platforms, if any. When the user is ready, he or she must press Send to finish uploading the assignment.

Please Note: After a user has submitted an assignment, the learning object will be marked as In Progress (yellow button, instead of green) until the Instructor or Superadmin has evaluated the assignment and gave it a passing score.

The learner will then see his or her uploaded assignment and whether it is still waiting for evaluation, or if the Instructor or Superadmin has evaluated it. Once it’s been evaluated, the score will appear on the page, and the learning object will be marked as Complete.

How can Instructors or Admins Evaluate Assignments?

To evaluate the assignments that have been submitted by your learners, you first need to access the course as the Instructor or Superadmin. Once you’ve accessed the Training Materials page for the course (refer to the instructions at the top of the article if you need a refresher), scroll your mouse over the Manage Course icon in the left sidebar, then select Reports from the slide out menu.

On the main Reports page for this course, select the Learner Assignments tab near the top of the page. In this tab, you will see a list of assignments that users have submitted for this course. Each row for every assignment will display the username and the full name of the user, the name of the assignment learning object, the date and time of the submission, the status, score, and the option to view or evaluate it.

If you haven’t evaluated the assignment yet, the status column for the assignment will display a grey check mark, the score column will be blank, and you will see the EVALUATE link in the last column. Press this link to evaluate the assignment.

In the pop up box, you can download the assignment by pressing the download icon in the top right corner. Below, you will see the information of the user and any comments written by the user.

Once you’ve reviewed the assignment, you can provide comments and a score in the corresponding text boxes. If you need to upload files, you can do so by pressing the Upload Files button in the Attachment row. If the user didn’t pass the assignment, you can flag the option to allow users to re-upload the assignment if they failed.

Finally, press the Marked as Passed or Marked as Failed buttons at the bottom of the pop up box to complete the action.

You will now see the score displayed in the assignment’s row in the Learner Assignment tab, and the grey check mark will be replaced with a green check mark. Additionally, you will now see the magnifying glass icon in the View column, so you can view the assignment and your feedback.


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