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At some tutoring companies and centers, you’ll find that you’re told where to go, when to go, and what to do. You teach a specific “method,” and see a variety of students, but perhaps not consistently the same ones.

We’re not like that.

At Homeworks for Students, it’s about relationships and trust. We believe that success happens when tutors and students work together, build a relationship, and develop a process that works for the two of you. There are a few reasons why tutoring for Homeworks is different:


We don’t just pair you with any student. We strategically match your skills and personality with students who will most benefit from you personally. Before we place you, we get to know you and the family you’ll be working with. That way, you feel comfortable, confident, and happy: a good foundation for a successful tutoring relationship.


Hey, once we have you, we’re going to work very hard to keep you. Our tutors are paid well (way better than average) because we truly value your knowledge, skills, and experience. We want the best tutors for our students, and we’re more than willing to pay for it. Please contact us to discuss compensation.

Work environment

We’re not a tutoring center. All of our tutoring is done in the students’ homes. Most of our tutors begin to feel like they’re a part of the family, and comment that by working in the home their entire process is streamlined. You get to coordinate your schedule, payment, and evaluations directly with the family you work with. In addition, by working in-home, you don’t have the distractions common in centers. Your entire focus can be on working and helping your student.

If you’re looking for a job where you’re respected, trusted, and rewarded for your skills and experience, consider tutoring for Homeworks for Students.

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