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Electronic messaging and email have changed our social lives and the way we communicate with our friends. However, it is not at all certain that our social lives are worse as a result. In many ways, they are better.

In the past, people communicated by letter or by phone. They used to meet and see each other only when they had time. Because people led busy lives, often they did not have any communication with some of their friends for months. As a consequence, their relationship suffered.

Nowadays, we can be in constant contact with all our friends using social website and instant messaging without even leaving our rooms. As a result, our social relationships are much closer. For example, in my case I spend about an hour chatting to friends from all over the world everyday on my computer. I know how they are, what they are thinking and what they are doing. In the past this was not possible and I might have communicated with some of these friends only once or twice a year.

I think it is also difficult to argue that modern forms of communication have reduced the amount people see each other. In my experience, the amount people go out and meet each other has increased. It has become easier to organize parties, and young people especially are able to introduce their friends to each other and in this way increase their social circle.

In conclusion, I disagree entirely statement in the question and firmly believe that modern communications have greatly improved people’s social lives.

Importance of Means of Communication

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Devices used to talk, or to send message from one end to other; or from one person to other are called means of communication. Means of Communication are the necessary part of present life. Students should know about the importance of these communication devices. In this article we have provided details and importance of these devices with some attractive images.

Importance of Means of Communications

What is Communication?
The communication is the way of expressing our thoughts. In other words, communication means sending or receiving message from one end to other. We can express our feelings to other by speaking, writing or silent indications. All living beings communicate to each other in different ways. They have different types of voices and they understand meaning of voice of their species. Human has also developed his dialect to communicate with others. We learn different languages to understand meaning of other's dialects.

What are Means of Communication?

Devices used to talk, or to send message one end to other, or from one person to other are called means of communication. Means of Communication are the most necessary part of modern lifestyle. In modern age, there are many types of means of communications like News Paper, Telephone, Mobile, TV, Internet etc. They play very important role in our daily life activities. There is great Importance of Means of Communications in everyone's life, in this age.

Means of Communication in Ancient age
In ancient age pigeons were used for sending letters. This was the slow and unreliable mean of communication. Horsemen were also used for sending royal messages in early ages.

Means of communication in Modern age
Telephone and Mobiles
Telephones and mobiles are most commonly used means of communication. They are not only very fast but also link far distant location within no time. They link not only the major cities but also villages of the whole world. STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialing) services are used to link with people in one country and ISD (International Subscriber Dialing) services for linking people of different countries.

Telephones are static whereas Mobile phones can be carried anywhere, so, are very popular now a days. They help anyone to talk to others anytime and from anywhere.

Letters are most common means of communication. Postcards, inland letters, envelops, postage stamps, etc., are used for writing letters. Money order can be used to send money and speed-post and courier services can be used to send urgent messages by post. For quick and very urgent messages telegram can be sent through the telegraph office.

Means of Mass communication
When we want to give a message to a very large number of people at different locations we can use any one of newspapers, magazines, cinema, radio and television etc. This is called Mass Communication.

News Paper and Magazines
Newspapers are used to carry news of all that is happening all over the world. The news paper and magazines are printed in different languages.


In modern age, Internet is very cheap and reliable mean of not only for communication but also useful for employment and education. Internet has brought the whole world to a very small workplace. We can surf for any information on internet. Search engines help to search that information within no time. E-mail can be used to send small or bulk of information to any part of the world.

Radio and Television
News and entertainment programmes are broadcasted on radio and television. Radio can be used only for broadcasting the audio whereas television can broadcast both audio and video for communication.

Radar and Artificial Satellite

Radars are mostly used by armed forces for receiving enemy information. They can be used to get the position of enemy's aircrafts in air. They are very useful for air-traffic control in airports.

Artificial Satellites are used to communicate with very distant locations. They are used to live-telecast matches and other programmes to all over the world.

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Some important information about means of communication is specified below:

• Alexender Grahm Bell invented the telephone while working with deaf in 1874.
• India's first satellite was 'Aryabhatta'.
• Charles Babbage is called the Father of Computer

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