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The Coming of Age in the Jewish Tradition

My Bar Mitzvah will be taking place on my 13th Birthday, 27th of January 2002. I would like to invite you to the ceremony in my local Synagogue. The ceremony is held on the first Shabbat after my birthday, this will be the 2nd of February. Shabbat starts on Friday evening at sunset and it… View Article

Understanding of the Old Testament

To what extent does archaeology inform us about our understanding of the Old Testament? The Jewish scriptures that made up the Old Testament were written over a period of a hundred years during a time when the Israelites were established and prosperous, but also during the times when the whole religion and lifestyle were under… View Article

The causes and effects of a religion

What are the causes and effects of a religion splitting up into divisions or sects? Hasidism The word Hasidism means `the pious` and best known for their spiritual devotion are the Hasidism Jews. Before the holocaust occurred the Hasidic Jews were in Eastern Europe and in the 17th century, when the Hassidic movement began many… View Article

Feasts of Israel – Redemption Celebrated

“The Feasts of Israel” written by Victor Buksbazen describes the reverent and celebratory tenets, which encompass the Jewish faith. A most interesting aspect of this book is how Buksbazen compares and contrasts Jewish ‘feasts’ with Christianity. Not only does “The Feasts of Israel” describe the significance of each feast, it also proves the divinity of… View Article

Explain why Jews may observe the Sabbath in different ways

In Judaism there are many divisions of Jews and their faiths. However, there are two main sub-divisions that all Jews will fit into unless they are only Jews by race and not by faith (Secular) although these Jews may carry on the traditions of their ancestors. The sub-divisions are Progressive Jews and Orthodox Jews. Orthodox… View Article

How Purim Began

This story of Purim can be found in the Book of Esther. This book is unique within the Bible because it is the only one that does not mention God in its writings. In 586 BCE Solomon’s temple, also known as the first temple, was destroyed along with a major part of Jerusalem, by the… View Article

Jewish beliefs on life after death and Jewish Funerals

Describe the Jewish beliefs about what happens to evil people after death. Death as a general concept is a very difficult concept to come to grips with; it is one of the very few events that occur in modern life where we do not have primary sources to inform us. The torah talks about “Every… View Article

There should be no Laws telling Christians what to do on a Sunday

I think that the above statement can be interpreted ambiguously and can be argued from a significant number of points of view. Firstly I would just like to highlight the noteworthy amount of views from different branches of Christianity. They exist in the form of the Liberals, the Fundamentalists, and so on. All different groups… View Article

The origins of two modern Jewish groups

Q1- Describe the origins of two modern Jewish groups and explain the ways in which they have developed. There are two main Jewish group, reform Jews and Orthodox Jews. In some ways the groups could be seen as opposites but thought this is partly true both groups have their similarities to each other. Orthodox Jews… View Article

What do Jews say about God

There are two main types of Judaism, there are orthodox Jews and reformed Jews. Judaism is a monotheistic faith, it only has one G-d, and therefore believes that this singular being was responsible for everything which is anywhere at any time , or even when there is no time. The Jewish belief in G-d is… View Article

Sporting events or go shopping on Sunday

“Christians should not take part in sporting events or go shopping on a Sunday” Do you agree, give reasons for your answer showing that you have thought about more than one point of view. The commandment ” Keep holy the Sabbath” Is very vague in what it says. The commandment tells us what to do,… View Article

Orthodox Jewish family

(1) “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” Exodus 20:8 Describe in detail the way in which a fully observant Orthodox Jewish family would keep this mitzvah. You should explain the symbolism of the various ceremonies and rituals where relevant Shabbat is the only Jewish holiday enjoined by the Ten Commandments, making it an… View Article

If one of the divisions

Within Judaism there are two major splits, the first is orthodox and the other is non orthodox. Even though they are both on the same branch of religion their belief of how such actions and laws are determined differently on how strict their society is. This does not mean the non orthodox are further from… View Article

Jewish Purim Holy Day

The Jewish faith has been around for more than a thousand years. Judaism like many other faiths such as Christian, Muslim, Hindus, and Buddhist has holidays that are part of a tradition that is followed. When an individual makes a choice to believe in one religion and follow it as its way of faith it… View Article

Intertestamental Period

INTRODUCTION The overarching goal of the Christian church is to model a Kingdom lifestyle and in so doing facilitate a change in the world towards a lifestyle approved of God. That goal is accomplished by (1) being in the world, but not of the world, (2) being one and (3) using Kingdom methodology to achieve… View Article


Judaism cannot be considered a mere religion. It embraces not only the belief, but the whole culture and lifestyle of Jewish nation. Judaism is considered a monotheistic religion, which means that it is represented and one and only existing God, as opposed to religions that see the existnce of several mostly equal gods. Religious Jews consider this religion as the one that expressess the covenental relation between the God and Jewish people. The most important text of Judaism is the Torah, which is supplemented by several other texts, for instanse, Midrash and others.

As Judaism is the religion that is represented by one God, it is build not on the relation between different gods, as it is typical for the polytheistic religions, but rather on the relationship between the God and the world he created, which in most cases means the people. Because od this point Judaism is considered one of the ethical religions, meaning that God here pays attention to the people he created and takes care of them in their everyday life. God is known to love all the people on Earth as his own children. He also promotes love between people and people shall follow him in his love to them.

People, who adhere to the religion of Judaism are known to follow the 13 Faith principles that were created in this religion. They embrace: the Faith in the Creator, who as one and only created everything on Earth; that he is free from the physical body and the properties; that he is the only god one shall pray to and one is not allowed to pray to other gods. The believer shall take all the words of God's prophets as truthful and understand the fact that Moses was the chief among other prophets of the God and that he brought the word of God in the exact same way he received it.

Special holidays that are common for the Judaism are also a significant part of Jewish culture. Such holidays represent significant event in Jewish history or events, described in the Torah. The Shabbat, which takes place every week from Friday evening to Saturday evening represents the God's rest after the creation of the world. Then there are the three main pilgirm festivals, Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot which represent the Exodus from Egypt, the receival of Torah and the forty years of walking in the desert respectively. Each of the Jewish holidays is know by their own specific traditions, which are followed by many generations of believers.

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