Assignments Of Rents And Leases On Cars

Rental Program

The Rental Program is for car rental or leasing companies who rent or lease vehicles to individuals other than the DMV registered owner. Businesses are given access to web-based reports of their unpaid tickets and are given 54 days to submit the correct name and address of the person responsible for the ticket(s). The Department of Finance will then transfer the liability of the ticket from the vehicle owner to the verified ticket recipient.  Tickets that are not transferred or dismissed timely will be the responsibility of the DMV registered owner.

Enrollment in this program is based on an annual benefit period from July 1 through the following June 30. The cost to enroll vehicles in the program is $1 per month/per plate annually. You can enroll your business at any time during the benefit period and your fees will be prorated accordingly.

How to Apply:
Complete and submit the documents listed below.

  • Rental Application;
  • Blank Rental Agreement;
  • Corporate By Laws;
  • Certificate of Corporation documents;
  • Copies of registration for all plates; and
  • Completed F1 form(s) with check and lease riders if plates are not registered to the above company’s name.

Upon receipt of this application, we will send you a bill listing your summonses. You will then have 30 days to resolve these summonses by: (1) paying all summonses you choose not to contest, and/or (2) scheduling hearings for summonses you choose to contest (if eligible) and paying any of those found guilty.

Fleet/Rental Program Online

Companies that enroll in the Rental Program may sign up for the Fleet/Rental Online portal to easily manage the company’s account. As a participant in the online portal you may:

  • Transfer liability on summonses issued to plates currently enrolled by the respond by date
  • Review available reports like the Special Plate enrollment report to verify plates currently enrolled
  • Create a bill for lessor-liable summonses on currently enrolled plates
  • Create an electronic case folder (ECF) for lessor-liable summonses on currently enrolled plates




Contact Us
For more information on the Rental Program or other commercial programs, contact us online.

Form: Assignment of Lease - One Tenant

[Download this form as a .doc (Word) file]

Consent to Assignment of Lease
[Scenario: original lease is with only one tenant who is moving out, to be replaced by a new tenant moving in]

Landlord: _________________________

Tenant: __________________________  [current tenant that is moving out]

Assignee: _________________________ [new tenant that is moving in]

Landlord, Tenant, and Assignee agree as follows:

1. Location of Premises
Tenant has leased the premises located at _______________________________ from Landlord, pursuant to a Lease Agreement dated ___________, between Tenant and Landlord (the “Lease”).

2. Lease Beginning and Ending Dates
The lease was signed on __________________, and the initial 12-month term of the Lease expires on __________________.

3. Assignment
Tenant hereby assigns all of his/her interest in the Lease to Assignee, beginning on ___________.

4. Tenant's Future Liability
Tenant's financial responsibilities under the terms of the lease are ended by this Assignment. Specifically, Tenant's responsibilities for future rent and future damage are ended.

5. Tenant's Right to Occupy Terminated
As of the date of this Assignment, Tenant permanently gives up the right to occupy the premises.

6. Binding Nature of Agreement
Assignee is bound by every term and condition in the Lease, including but not limited to the payment of rent.

7. Assignment of Security Deposit
Tenant assigns all of his/her interest in the security deposit to Assignee, and will have no right to request any portion of the security deposit from Landlord.  Assignee has reimbursed Tenant for his/her share of the security deposit.

_________________________________________    ________________
Landlord's signature                                                      Date

Print name

_________________________________________    ________________
Tenant's signature                                                         Date

Print name

_________________________________________    ________________
Assignee's signature                                                     Date

Print name


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